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Coronavirus, School Closures, and Distance Learning

How Manage1to1 can help organize devices that must now be deployed remotely.

Asset Management

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Manage1to1 has become a leader in 1:1 deployments for Asset Management, Incident/Damage Tracking, Billing, User Management, and more. Over the past years we have continuously grown and helped many districts ease the workload for their device deployment.

100% Free For The Rest of The School Year

Manage1to1 will help you load in the devices, students, etc. and will allow you to check out those devices to the students to have the historical information. This will allow you to really simplify the collection process when it comes time, minimizing device loss and additional expenditures.

Fill out the form below to register for a 100% free, extended trial through the end of the 2019-2020 school year.

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Note: Our free license period is now over. We’re happy to offer a free trial of Manage1to1 to your district and provide more information! Please check out our transparent Pricing Page and fill out the form below to receive more information!


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This form will get the process started to get a free trial started up. We are NOT pushy salesmen here at Manage1to1, all of us being former Tech Directors, Coordinators, and Technology Staff. This is simply to help YOU with this massive headache of assigning out devices and keeping track of your systems. There will be no hard sell at the end, we will not bug you to purchase the software.

Do note that we have a massive amount of requests coming in and are working as fast as humanly possible to process accounts and get them started.