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Simplify Your 1:1 Deployment

K-12 Help Desk & Asset Management Suite

Our average Technology Director reports that they personally save over 1 hour per day by using Manage1to1. Assuming that the Technology Director makes $70,000 per year, our 1:1 solution saves the average district nearly $9000 in labor per year!

Effectively manage your devices with Manage1to1.
Manage1to1 was developed to work on Windows, Android, and Apple devices.
Manage1to1 is engineered for use on all types of devices

Essential and Time Saving Features

Save time and money while taking back control of your device deployment. Manage1to1 handles all aspects of a 1:1 deployment while being device and process agnostic.

Asset Management

Knowing who is in possession of a device is key to making sure your device deployment is successful. Having a full history of the device’s past can help you ensure any damages are properly assigned to the correct end user, insurance claims are billed appropriately, and the device is properly maintained throughout it’s useful life.

Billing & Incident Management

Take back your budget! No more writing off your inventory loss because you can’t keep track of damage and money owed. Full incident management allows you to track what happened and who was involved.

User Password Management

Let’s face it, Students and Staff both lose their passwords. Manage1to1 provides a secure place to store them so you can oversee your user’s passwords!


Curious which grade level has the most damage? Which users don't currently have devices? What loaner devices are available? Make the most of your data and save time and effort with custom reports, exporting, etc.

Security in Mind for K-12 Asset Management

Cloud Hosted & Secured

SSL Encrypted, DDoS Mitigation, and Geo-Distributed Servers ensure your data is safe and always accessible.

Roles & Permissions

Delegate control for your users. Assign staff specific access to meet the varying needs of Secretaries or Accounting Specialists, while also making it easy to utilize students in a Student Assistant or Work Study Program. This feature ensures that only the correct users are seeing sensitive data.

User profile screen