K-12 IT User Management

Manage1to1 has powerful features to assist with managing your end users and streamlining your device deployment.

User Management Features You Need

Account Provisioning

Manage1to1 exports data so easily! Many districts use Manage1to1 to create and manage their Student & Staff Credentials

User Restrictions

Do you have a student that needs to have device restrictions? Manage restrictions and full user notes and comments

Full History

We are all about managing your data! Have the power of complete data with full user history including incidents, billing, devices and more
Upload Student Photos

Upload Student Photos

Similar to your Student Information System, we can accept many forms of student ID photos. This allows you to ensure you are able to properly greet students, and more importantly, ensure you are working under the correct student’s account!

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Student Restrictions

Parent Restriction Requests are quite common when working with a device deployment. Ensure that you are keeping those promises to the parents by maintaining proper records of device restrictions and policies for that student.

Is a student causing a particular high amount of damage? Perhaps the student has a large outstanding balance. Make sure those involved with the deployment have the information they need to keep your students and devices safe.

User Restrictions
Full User History

Full User History

An important part of any device deployment is maintaining accurate data. Having all of the data at your fingertips makes it easy to make informed decisions when handling a student.

Does the student have a high damage rate? How many loaned devices have been assigned to the student? All of these questions are common concerns that are often brought up by teachers, other technology staff, and district administration.

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