We Are Manage1to1

Solving a Need

Manage1to1 was founded by two business partners (at the time coworkers) at a public school. When a 1:1 deployment was started in 2009, there was nothing on the market available to catalog the impressive amount of information we needed to store. We began by using our library software and then a combination of spreadsheets, Access databases and the library software. We quickly realized that this method was pretty cumbersome and incomplete for our needs. After a few years of coding at night, Manage1to1 was born, intended for internal use. Little did we know, this is where the entire journey would begin.

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Our Birth

Manage1to1 started life in 2012 in many late-night coding sessions, when spreadsheets and Access databases were simply not enough to document all of the necessary information. Even with a relatively small department, we ran into logistical issues with single students causing multiple breakage events, that went unnoticed because of the inability to perform lookups easily. We needed a tool that would allow us to gather data in a quick and efficient manner.

Our Leadership

Andrew Herweyer

Business Development Director

Former K-12 Technology Coordinator

Marcus Allen

Sr. Developer

Former K-12 Technology Coordinator

Michael Batt

Systems Architect

Former K-12 Systems Engineer