Manage1to1 & ESSER Funding

Manage1to1 is ESSER Eligible! Jump start learning recovery and ensure your district is setup for future hybrid learning

Purchase Manage1to1 With All Three Rounds of ESSER Funds

Districts are eligible to utilize all three rounds of ESSER Funds (ESSER, ESSER II, or ESSER III) to purchase Manage1to1 as part of their efforts to restore learning and prepare for the future of hybrid learning.

Manage1to1 meets all congressional requirements of ESSER Funding, including addressing learning loss, purchasing educational technology, implementing activities to maintain the operation and continuity of services, and improving cybersecurity.


The CARES Act created the Elementary and Secondary Relief Fund (ESSER) which awarded $13.5 billion to states and districts as formula grants based on the same proportion that each state receives under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act under Title I-A. Districts are free to use these funds for whatever they deem to be essential for providing services for staff and students with no directives from Congress on specific uses and must be used by September 30, 2022.


The CRRSA awarded $82 billion for education stabilization Fund. This includes $54.3 billion for K-12 schools, largely delivered through Title I funding. This is about four times what schools received in ESSER I. The legislation provides that districts may use the funds to address learning loss, improve school facilities and infrastructure to reduce the risk of transmitting the coronavirus, and purchase education technology. These funds must be spent by September 30, 2023.


The ARPA awarded $122 billion for the education stabilization fund- requiring 20% to be used for Addressing Learning Loss by September 30, 2024. This issue is massive for districts across the country with research identifying that, many school districts have or plan to deliver less than half of a normal school year’s worth of instruction for students of all ages. Depending on the length of a school day, these losses can be the equivalent of 60 to 100 days of lost learning time!

Meeting ESSER Requirements

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