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Incident Management

One guarantee with a portable device deployment is that your equipment will get damaged. How you manage these incidents will determine the success of your deployment.

Incident Management Features

Evidence Tracking

No longer worry about forgetting the important details of a specific incident. Manage1to1 allows full photo documentation uploads to retain incident evidence.


Issuing invoices and tracking payments is a requirement of managing a device deployment. Manage1to1 allows you to easily invoice and receive payments, all while gaining full reporting in the process!

Technician Logging

Life in the technology department can get busy with constant interruptions and limited staffing. Manage1to1 offers full logging of documentation, that way you are able to notate progress of repairs and incidents.

Upload Incident Photos

Keeping photographic evidence of equipment damage is becoming more and more necessary. Ensure you have the documentation needed if a question were to arise surrounding an incident. Unlimited photo storage is included with all Manage1to1 packages and we will retain your data for the lifetime of your subscription.

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Robust Invoicing

A large expense for any portable device deployment is the loss of unrecovered charges. Manage1to1 makes it easy to setup pre-defined invoiceable items that can be charged to your users. Whether you are keeping track of device rental fees, insurance deductibles, or line-item invoicing for an in-house repair setup, Manage1to1 can do it all.

Manage1to1 has the ability to email out invoices to parents or students, and keeps a full audit log so you know when the invoice was sent. The invoicing system also sends any photo documentation provided as part of the incident creation process.

Accept Online Payments

Manage1to1 is excited to introduce online-based payments for invoicing! We currently provide direct integration with the following providers:

We’re always looking for more systems to integrate with and if a RESTful-based API is available, we should be able to integrate with your existing billing system!

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