Comparing Manage1to1

Manage1to1 is the most affordable and feature rich product made for K-12 to manage your 1:1 device deployment. Let’s see why!

Cost & Features

Manage1to1 was engineered by former K-12 Technology Coordinators and Systems Engineers. We know how limited a technology department’s budget is. When Manage1to1 was developed, our number 1 goal is to make a technology department more efficient. We understand that a Tech Director and their staff have more tasks to accomplish than time available. Manage1to1 will pay for itself within the first year in time savings!

FeatureManage1to1Follett DestinyIncidentIQ AssetsSolarwindsAsset Panda
Made for K-12
Asset Management
Unlimited Devices
Unlimited Staff
Incident (Damage) ReportingAdditional Cost
AUP (Policy) TrackingAdditional Cost
Bulk Check-In/Check-Out
Loaners (Spares) ManagementAdditional Cost
Billing (Invoicing)
Ticketing (Helpdesk)Additional Cost~$700/TechnicianAdditional Cost
Track Classroom Technology (Projectors, Desktops, Etc.)
Granular Technician Permissions

Manage1to1 Saves You Time

Manage1to1 was built from the ground up for K-12. Most of the Asset Management systems on the market are converted from traditional systems to bear the “K-12” buzzword. No new features are implemented, especially those essential features needed by educators.

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