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K-12 Asset Management for Schools

Manage1to1 makes it easy to keep track of all of your devices, in one powerful location.

K-12 Asset Management Features

Inventory Management

Keeping track of your devices is undoubtedly the most daunting task when it comes to running a portable device deployment. Let Manage1to1 take the burden so you can take care of other business.


Do you offer your students insurance to protect your devices? Manage1to1 tracks device insurance plans by highlighting devices that are insured so you know if your device is protected.

Device Logging

It is likely that your devices will change hands multiple times over their useful lifespan. Manage1to1 tracks all aspects of the device history to ensure you have a full account of your valuable equipment.

Easy Management

Managing hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of devices is an incredibly difficult task. Manage1to1 makes this a breeze by allowing you to view device information such as the Current User, Current Incidents, Device Information, Insurance Coverage, and more – all from one screen!

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Simple Insurance Management

Many districts are now utilizing insurance companies to provide some peace of mind for parents and students in the event of breakage. Manage1to1 makes the identification of insured devices really simple, confirming that your staff is properly handling insured devices within your district’s policies.

Google Devices Sync

With our robust Google Sync Integration, districts can sync their asset data between the Google Device Console and Manage1to1 with ease. View any piece of data that Google has about your device including disk space, memory usage, processor usage and more!