Manage1to1 was created by K-12 Technology Staff. We spent countless hours researching and putting together our pricing model after talking to many school districts. We believe in transparency, so our pricing is all listed here. No hidden costs or fees.

Return on Investment

We’ve been able to break this down pretty simple terms. We will assume the following. Let’s say your cheapest employee doing 1:1 technical work makes $10 per hour, and we can save them 30 minutes per day. That equals out to around $1300 per year in labor savings. Our average Technology Director reports they personally save over 1 hour per day. Assuming the technology director makes $15 per hour, that is saving the district nearly $4000 in labor per year.

Regardless of package that you choose, in this scenario, your ROI is likely less than half of a school year. Most districts report a full ROI within 1 month of starting using Manage1to1.

Per Student Pricing

We do not impost any limitations on resources. Districts can add as many administrators to Manage1to1 as desired! Unlimited devices, unlimited file attachments, unlimited emails, unlimited invoices….did we mention, unlimited?

Catalog all of your staff and classroom devices for no additional cost. You only pay for the number of active students in the system!

Always Affordable

Your rate will never increase because we added features! As partners with your district, we are working together to make life easier for everyone. You have access to all features for no additional cost.

Don’t be fooled by competitors trying to “save you money” by only selling you small portions of the product. Our extensive research into our competitors offerings reveal that even the most stripped down version of their product is more expensive than our fully outfitted platform.

Always Transparent

See for yourselves just one reason why districts love working with Manage1to1. We are 100% transparent. We are all former Technology Directors, Technology Coordinators, Systems Engineers, and Support Technicians here. You are busy enough, why sit through a sales call just to find out the pricing!

701-2500 Students
$1.55per student
  • Standard SLA
  • Unlimited Devices
  • Latest Updates
4501-7500 Students
$1.20per student
  • Accelerated SLA Support
  • Unlimited Devices
  • Latest Updates

7,500 or more students?
We support you too, we just can’t fit all of the prices in our chart!

Pricing Updated: August 31st, 2021

Basic SLA support includes M – F 9-5 Ticket Support.
Accelerated SLA support includes S – S 9-5 Ticket Support.
24/7 Ticket Support, data importation, custom reports, and full implementation optional for an additional fee.

Ready to get started?

Typical rollout is achieved within 2-3 weeks from the initial call. Don’t wait – start saving time and money today!