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Inventory Management

Your Ultimate Electronic Device Inventory Management Solution for K-12!

Key Features

Real-Time Inventory

Stay on top of your district’s electronic device inventory with real-time tracking. Manage1to1 provides up-to-the-minute insights into your devices, allowing you to make informed decisions about deployment, repairs, and replacements.

Barcode Scanning

Our software supports barcode scanning, making it easy to update device information and quickly identify Chromebooks, computers, iPads, and other electronic assets. Reduce manual data entry and minimize errors, ensuring efficient management of your school’s electronic devices.

Device Assignment and Deployment

Easily assign and deploy electronic devices to students and staff with Manage1to1’s intuitive tools. Keep track of device allocation, usage, and returns to ensure a seamless 1:1 device program in your school.


Reporting and Analytics

Make data-driven decisions with detailed reports and analytics. Manage1to1 offers customizable reports, including device utilization, repair trends, and budget tracking. Gain valuable insights to optimize device allocation and budget planning.

Physical Damage by Month