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Manage1to1 offers free subscription to all K-12 districts

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Manage1to1 is excited to be giving out free licenses to districts to help with sending students home with devices. From now until June 30th, 2020, any school can register for a free license. The license is 100% unrestricted and allows the full use of Manage1to1.

Manage1to1 has become a leader in 1:1 deployments for Asset Management, Incident/Damage Tracking, Billing, User Management, and more. Over the past years we have continuously grown and helped many districts ease the workload for their device deployment.

Manage1to1 will help you load in the devices, students, etc. and will allow you to check out those devices to the students to have the historical information. This will allow you to really simplify the collection process when it comes time, minimizing device loss and additional expenditures.

Register for your free license today here!

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