Version 3.0 Coming Soon!

New UI

We’re excited to announce some major new features coming to Manage1to1 in the next few weeks! We are anticipating the launch of the new version in early July!

Redesigned UI

New UI

We’ve redesigned the UI with performance enhancing features providing both a new look & feel as well as increased performance.

Intelligent Search

Intelligent Search

The new intelligent search feature provides a quick way to locate associated records for your search terms. Searching for a student name, you will find any associated Devices, Incidents, Invoices, etc from any screen in the system!

Customizable Invoice Statuses

Customizable Invoice Statuses

Customize the invoice statuses to display your specific verbiage used at your district. Hide statuses not used and set the custom colors to be quickly recognized by your staff!

For our full Release Notes for this upcoming version, please visit our Release Notes page located here:

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